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Episode Live Action – Jiro Sato is a Gift (Gintama Live Action Movie)

7 Feb


On this special episode of Life Lessons, Colton joins forces with Doctor (SSAA Podcast, JAGP Podcast) and LumRanmaYasha (Manga Mavericks) to discuss Yuichi Fukuda’s live action adaptation of Gintama, which just recently finished its North American screenings! How did we like the movie? Are we tired of Benizakura yet? How does the film capture such classic moments as Kondo being covered in golden, sticky honey? All these questions are answered and more on this very special episode! Enjoy!

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Show Notes

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Jumpin’ Ahead Episode 4 – Be Forever Yorozuya

17 Jul


Welcome to our new mini podcast entitled “Jumpin’ Ahead“, where Colton jumps ahead of where Life Lessons is in the manga to discuss significant story arcs that aren’t officially translated by Viz with Jon (LeitungVG), who has just seen these arcs for the first time!

On this episode though, instead of an arc from the series, we discuss the 2nd Gintama movie from 2013, Be Forever Yorozuya, also known as the “Final Chapter” of the Gintama anime. We discuss not only our general thoughts on the movie, but also discuss the difference between watching it nowadays after more anime has obviously been produced since then as opposed to when it was actually relevant at the time of release. Is Be Forever Yorozuya really a good Gintama movie, or does it fall flat due to certain limitations even with contribution from Hideaki Sorachi himself!? Be sure to listen and find out! Enoy!

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