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Episode 51 – Samurai Don’t Eat Popcorn

25 Oct


On this episode of Life Lessons, we have special guest and other fellow Gintama Youtuber, Jess from Jess Reviews joining us to cover Chapter 75 of the manga, in which Hijikata just can’t get away from Gin! Oh the hilarity!! Followed by a Life Lessons segment discussing the chapter title (The More You’re Alike, The More You Fight) and just how similar Gin and Hijikata are to each other. Enjoy!

Join us next time as we cover Chapter 76 with Josh Dunham (Wave Motion Cannon) and Doctor!!


0:00:00 Introduction
0:10:13 Manga Recap Ch 75
0:52:37 Life Lesson 75
1:03:15 The End

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