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Episode 35 – Mr. The Edo

8 Jun


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton is joined by returning co-host, Jasmine, and special guest from the Senpai Coast to Coast blog and podcast, Josh Dunham. Colton talks to Josh about his thoughts on Gintama so far and also another poll which generates more discussion than most polls we’ve covered. Afterwards, we cover Chapter 47 of the manga, in which the Odd Jobs battle the worst monstrosities they have ever faced. Followed by an especially discussion heavy Life Lessons segment and an Anime/Manga Comparison of the second half of anime episode 29. Topics for this episode include the visual beauty of manga and comics, the pros and cons of both watching or avoiding the news, and whether Shinpachi is saying “hump” or “herpes”.

Special thanks goes to Josh for joining us! Be sure to check out both his blog and podcast at!!




0:00:00 Introduction

0:26:03 Manga Recap: Chapter 47

1:24:44 Life Lesson 47

1:48:22 Anime/Manga Comp. Ep 29b

2:12:28 The End

2:19:19 Outtakes


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Episode 24 – “I’m Not a Terrorist, I’m Katsura”

10 Nov



On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton and Jon are back from Texas to not only pointlessly cover old Top 10 lists, but also cover Chapters 29 thru 31 of the manga. In which we are introduced to some very eccentric new characters. We also cover all three chapter titles in the usual Life Lessons segment, followed by a short Anime/Manga Comparison segment covering Episode 17 of the anime. After that, we have a surprise Email segment featuring a cameo by someone you’ve probably never heard of and then we round off. Topics during the episode include how Gintoki reacts to his past, what Takasugi’s real goals may be, and discussion on the “War 4” and their individual strengths in general. See you next time for Episode 25 of the podcast and enjoy!



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Episode 21 – Paradise is Tapped to His Head

19 Aug


On this episode of Life Lessons, its back to just Colton and Jasmine, as they cover Chapter 25 of the manga, in which the Odd Jobs meet again with Kimiko (Hammy) and take on another job request. A lot is discussed than one would think on this week’s manga recap, including Kimiko as a character and her supposed lifestyle, correlations between the Amanto and humans and even the complexity of speech. All of this, followed by another Life Lesson and Anime/Manga Comparison. Join us next time as we introduce the greatest space captain the world has ever seen! No, not Captain Katsuura. Enjoy!



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“The Story That Got Gintama Rolling and Why”

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Episode 19 – Mr. Wilson, The Legendary Super Saiyan

15 Jul


On this episode of Life Lessons, Jasmine finally comes back to the podcast and joins Colton and Jon for a Manga Recap of Chapter 23, but not before she receives a few compliments. Afterwards, they have a very, overly profound Life Lessons segment. Followed by a very short Anime/Manga Comparison segment. Another short and simple episode, but we hope you enjoy it anyway!


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Episode 16 – Toxic Love

20 May


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton and Jasmine are joined by special guest, Doctor (host of the SSAA Podcast), as they cover Chapter 19 of the manga. This episode also includes the usual Life Lessons segment about pop idols and the crazy things they go through and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment covering Episode 30 of the anime and why you should check out Detective Conan/Case Closed. Check out all of Doctor’s stuff and things and enjoy the episode!



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Episode 14 – Make Like a Tree, And Die Hijikata

20 Apr


Its finally here! Our first year anniversary podcast is finally here and we have a full crew! On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton, Jasmine, and Jon are joined by their friend Jay (from Episode 1) and special guest Lia (from Episode 7), “number one” fan of the podcast. This cast of colorful, cartoon characters finally come together in the same room to record a podcast and talk about a bunch of things and stuff, such as, Gintoki in J-Stars Victory Versus for the PS3, the recent Shonen Jump Character Election results and even a few announcements (some podcast related, some personal).

After that, the crew covers Chapter 17 of the manga and the hijinks that ensue between the Odd Jobs and Shinsengumi, followed by a very short Life Lessons segment and Anime/Manga Comparison segment covering the 2005 Gintama Jump Anime Tour Special. Other special guest, JD Banks, stops by for a bit to talk about her Manga Corner podcast and her experience with Gintama. Then the crew comes back to reminisce about the past year recording the podcast and to read comments, questions and emails (for once) and ending the show shortly after.

Thank you to everyone for listening to us for the past year and a very special thank you to Lia and JD Banks for coming on. Enjoy another long episode and hopefully many more!



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Episode 13 – Gintoki Hates Pandas?

12 Mar


On this episode of Life Lessons, we cover Chapter 16 of the manga, and have a surprisingly long discussion afterwards. Followed by a Life Lessons segment and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment. While Colton is away in Miami until April, enjoy a lot of discussion on Hasegawa, his character, and why more people should appreciate him. We also discuss the moral of the chapter and its importance in the series in general, the characters and what roles they play and why we think one of our dearest friends personifies Gintama so well. Until then, see you in April/May for our year anniversary!! Enjoy!!!



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