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Jumpin’ Ahead Episode 4 – Be Forever Yorozuya

17 Jul


Welcome to our new mini podcast entitled “Jumpin’ Ahead“, where Colton jumps ahead of where Life Lessons is in the manga to discuss significant story arcs that aren’t officially translated by Viz with Jon (LeitungVG), who has just seen these arcs for the first time!

On this episode though, instead of an arc from the series, we discuss the 2nd Gintama movie from 2013, Be Forever Yorozuya, also known as the “Final Chapter” of the Gintama anime. We discuss not only our general thoughts on the movie, but also discuss the difference between watching it nowadays after more anime has obviously been produced since then as opposed to when it was actually relevant at the time of release. Is Be Forever Yorozuya really a good Gintama movie, or does it fall flat due to certain limitations even with contribution from Hideaki Sorachi himself!? Be sure to listen and find out! Enoy!

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Episode 57 – Beetle Tendency

24 Apr


On this episode of Life Lessons, we are joined by returning special guest Japanese history enthusiast and professional Canadian, Niente de Nada, along with brand new special guest Jonathan, aka LeitungVG on Twitter. After Jonathan discusses some thoughts on his first watch of Gintama, we hop into the Manga Recaps of both Chapters 83 and 84, in which the Odd Jobs trio run into the Shinsengumi once again, this time while hunting for beetles!! Afterwards, we discuss both chapter titles during the Life Lessons segment, followed by an Anime/Manga Comparison segment discussing Episode 65 of the anime. Topics of discussion for this episode include topical sumo wrestling politics circa 2005, beetle collecting as it relates to Japanese culture, and the ever popular arcade and trading card game franchise known as Mushiking!!

Tune in next episode when we’ll be having special guest, Josh Dunham, founder of Wave Motion Cannon, to discuss the Train Samurai arc for our 4th anniversary of the podcast!

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0:00:00 Introduction/Jon’s thoughts on Gintama thus far

0:25:19 Manga Recap: Chapter 83

1:02:53 Manga Recap: Chapter 84

1:46:55 Life Lessons 83 & 84

2:05:28 Anime/Manga Comparison: Episode 65

2:34:44 The End


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Episode 31 – I Don’t Care, I’m a Bear

9 Mar


On this episode of Life Lessons, its Jon’s last episode of the podcast, as him and Colton cover Chapter 41 of the manga. In which a guy hunts a bear, while the Odd Jobs hunt for mushrooms. Followed by a Life Lessons segment talking about mushrooms and Doraemon, and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment on Episode 73 of the anime. Topics of discussion include how much emotion and impact Sorachi packs in a single stand-alone story, how much the anime really expands on the manga, and how funny movies are ruined by the unfunny people that watch them. We wish Jon all the best of luck while in the Navy and thank him in advance for his services, and enjoy the episode! And remember to leave us all the feedback you can for our next episode before March 31st!



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Episode 28 – Friends Forever

26 Jan


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton is once again joined by his friends and co-hosts, Jon and Jay, and hijinks ensue, as the trio covers Chapters 36 and 37 of the manga. In which Shinpachi meets an old friend and faces a formidable(?) biker gang known as the Bulldogs! Afterwards, we have a Life Lessons segment covering both chapter titles and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment covering Episode 26 of the anime. We even have some listener feedback before the show ends. Topics discussed in this episode include, Gintama characters that should have their own show, how awesome Shinpachi finally gets to be, and just to what extend Takachin’s life became so “sh*tty”. Enjoy the episode, and we’ll see you next time for Episode 29!



0:00:00 Introduction

0:15:15 Manga Recap: Chapter 36

0:47:50 Manga Recap: Chapter 37

1:18:23 Life Lessons: Lessons 36 and 37

1:26:50 Anime/Manga Comparison: Episode 26

1:37:45 Emails/Feedback

1:50:23 The End

1:56:54 Outtakes and Other Stupid Stuff


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Special – Episode Christmas: The Life Lessons Holiday Special

21 Dec


Hello everyone! We bring you tidings of great joy and fun! As Colton takes the magazine spines from the past year’s run of Weekly Shonen Jump and makes a game out of them for Jon and Jay to play! We laugh, we cry, and we cringe in frustration while celebrating this joyous time of the year. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!



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Episode 12 – Yamazaki’s Contempt Of The Court

19 Feb


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton and Jon recap Chapter 15 of the manga. Followed by both a short Life Lessons segment and Anime/Manga Comparison segment. Not much of a description, but that’s because this is OUR SHORTEST EPISODE EVER! That’s an accomplishment, right?



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Episode 10 – Lucky and Samantha

20 Dec


We’re finally back after almost 3 whole months! And just in time (kinda sorta) to celebrate Gintama’s 10th anniversary! How? By doing a Manga Recap of Chapter 11! A whole number more than ten! After that, we have a short Life Lessons segment talking about food….and the chapter title I guess? Then we have our Anime/Manga Comparison talking about Episode 11 of the anime and then we wrap up! I promise we’re not this excited on the actual episode!!!! Lastly, stay tuned near the end of January (or February) as we cover the Harusame Arc, our first manga arc! Will it be in parts? Will it be a whole episode? Hell if we know, just listen to this beaut while you wait! Enjoy!




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