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Episode 52 – Boss Coffee

5 Dec


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton is joined by both Doctor from the SSAA Podcast and Josh Dunham from Senpai Coast to Coast and Wave Motion Cannon to cover Chapter 76 of the manga, in which Kagura plays the kick the can with some old guy. After the Manga Recap, we go discuss the meaning of the chapter title during the Life Lessons segment, followed by an Anime/Manga Comparison segment discussing the second half of Episode 48 of the anime. Topics of discussion on this episode include the concept of what it means to grow up, critiques of the presentation for this chapter of the manga, and how annoying and lonely all of our childhoods were! Enjoy!

Join us next episode, as we cover the Infant Strife arc with unofficial Gintama translator, Bomber D Rufi!


0:00:00 Introduction
0:06:12 Manga Recap: Ch 76
1:08:16 Life Lesson #76
1:31:32 Anime/Manga Comparison Ep 48(B)
1:45:58 The End

Show Notes

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Or tell Viz Media how much you want it digitally

Watch Episode 48 of the anime on Crunchyroll

Viz edit mentioned in the episode


Episode 32 – Characters With Scars On Their Face Are Always Cool

9 Apr


Its here! Its finally here!! Its the 2nd anniversary of Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Cast, and on this episode, its just Colton and Jay this time, as they start off by talking about what its been like to do the podcast and why Jay wants to punch Colton in the face all the time.

Afterwards, they cover manga chapters 42-44, otherwise known as the Rengokukan Battle Arena arc, where the Odd Jobs trio stalks and meets a demon who seeks redemption. We also have Life Lessons segment covering all three chapter titles and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment on Episode 27 of the anime. Colton even gets to sit down and talk to Doctor from the SSAA Podcast and Just a Gintama Podcast about the origins of his podcasting career and just what he loves about Gintama. Last but not least, we even have some feedback to cover before we end the show. Topics of discussion for this episode include death throughout the series, why Gintama isnt popular overseas, and just how much we forget about this arc and the existence of the Tendoshuu.

Thank you to everyone who has been listening to us for the past year and special thanks to Doctor for coming on the show! Its the longest episode we’ve had in a while, so we hope you enjoy it!




0:00:00 Introduction/Podcast Talk

0:21:32 Manga Recap: Chapter 42

0:48:20 Manga Recap: Chapter 43

1:17:06 Manga Recap: Chapter 44

1:42:47 Life Lessons 42-44

1:53:54 Anime/Manga Comparison: Episode 27

2:01:19 Special Interview with Doctor!

3:09:24 Emails and Feedback

3:50:19 The End


Show Notes

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Watch Episode 27 and the rest of the series on Crunchyroll

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Commercial for new season of Gintama

Gintama is most anticipated anime this Spring season on ANN

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