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Jumpin’ Ahead Episode 3 – Courtesan of a Nation

2 Jul


Welcome to our new mini podcast entitled “Jumpin’ Ahead“, where Colton jumps ahead of where Life Lessons is in the manga to discuss significant story arcs that aren’t officially translated by Viz with Jon (LeitungVG), who has just seen these arcs for the first time!

On this episode, we discuss Episodes 257 to 261 of the anime (Chapters 386 to 399), aka the Courtesan of a Nation arc. This is the most dense arc we discuss yet! We discuss different aspects such as how grand of a scale the events of this arc compare to arcs before it, how much info dump there can be at times, and Colton’s arguement for “White Knight” and why he thinks it works as a contextual localization of Gin’s war alias. Enjoy!

Spoiler warning for listeners who only follow the manga through Life Lessons!!

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