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Jumpin’ Ahead Episode 1 – Thorny Arc

4 Jun


Welcome to our new mini podcast entitled “Jumpin’ Ahead“, where Colton jumps ahead of where Life Lessons is in the manga to discuss significant story arcs that aren’t officially translated by Viz with Jon (LeitungVG), who has just seen these arcs for the first time! On this episode, we discuss Episodes 244 to 247 of the anime (Chapters 365 to 370), otherwise known as the Thorny arc (or Baragaki). We discuss what Jon thinks of this arc in general, including some of the new characters introduced, Gin’s role in the arc, and his thoughts on Hijikata as a character up to this point. Enjoy!

Spoiler warning for listeners who are only as far into the series as Life Lessons is!!

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Episode 51 – Samurai Don’t Eat Popcorn

25 Oct


On this episode of Life Lessons, we have special guest and other fellow Gintama Youtuber, Jess from Jess Reviews joining us to cover Chapter 75 of the manga, in which Hijikata just can’t get away from Gin! Oh the hilarity!! Followed by a Life Lessons segment discussing the chapter title (The More You’re Alike, The More You Fight) and just how similar Gin and Hijikata are to each other. Enjoy!

Join us next time as we cover Chapter 76 with Josh Dunham (Wave Motion Cannon) and Doctor!!


0:00:00 Introduction
0:10:13 Manga Recap Ch 75
0:52:37 Life Lesson 75
1:03:15 The End

Show Notes

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Jess’ Rakuyou Arc Review

Final Arc Discussion

More casting additions to the Gintama live action movie

Episode 45 – Can I Get a Favorite?

20 Mar


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton is joined once again by Josh Dunham, host of Senpai Coast to Coast and founder of the Wave Motion Cannon blog, to recap and discuss Chapter 65 of the manga, in which true love prevails (sort of). Afterwards, we have our Life Lessons segment on Lesson 65 (You Can’t Judge a Person by His Appearance, Either), followed by an Anime/Manga Comparison of Episode 35 of the anime and a few emails!

Topics of discussion for this episode include why Golgo 13 is one of the most influential manga published in Japan, the subtle foreshadowing to Hijikata’s love life, as well as Colton and Josh’s first dates! Enjoy!!

Join us next episode for the third anniversary of the podcast in mid-April, featuring King Recon! Leave us as much feedback concerning Gintama and/or the podcast as possible!! 


0:00:00 Introduction
0:09:53 Manga Recap: Chapter 65
1:52:31 Life Lesson 65
2:02:20 Anime/Manga Recap Episode 35
2:16:40 Emails
2:50:57 The End
3:11:00 Outtakes


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Special – Episode Hijikata: The Hijikata Special

27 Apr


On this special episode of Life Lessons, Colton finally has another character special in store as he and Jay sit down and talk about their favorite demon vice-chief of the Shinsengumi. They talk about everything they possibly can about Hijikata, such as his character design, his voice actor, what kind of person he is, his relationships with other characters, his life before he joined the Shinsengumi. Everything.

Other topics of discussion this episode include how much of an influence mayonnaise has had on Jay’s life, what other characters the podcast cover and just how much Colton cries at even the mention of Mitsuba. Enjoy!


WARNING: For those who follow the manga along with the podcast, we start talking about material that hasn’t been covered yet around 49 minutes in, so tons of SPOILERS are abound!

Show Notes


Hijikata’s Cooking Lesson

Hijikata Directing Traffic

Shinsengumi actors reading their lines live

Special – Episode Valentine’s Day!

26 Mar


On this special episode of Life Lessons, Colton and Bookie explore a few character relationships throughout Gintama and how much they could either evolve or destabilize if they were to go on. After all is said and done, Colton and Bookie have a fun time coming up with their own crack shippings! Some funny ones, some not so funny, and some that are just sort of weird. Enjoy and have a Happy (belated) Valentines Day!



0:05:40 – Ofusa and Kantarou

0:12:00 – Yamazaki and Tama

0:20:09 – Shinpachi and Otsuu

0:25:36 – Katsura and Ikumatsu

0:31:30 – Otae and Kyubei

0:38:14 – Hijikata and Mitsuba

Show Notes

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Our special episode about Katsura!

Elizabeth’s laser eyes