Episode 58 – Shingeki no Macamademia

22 May


On this episode of Life Lessons, we celebrate our (late) 4th anniversary with special guest, Josh Dunham, from Senpai Coast to Coast and Wave Motion Cannon, as we start off the show with a lot of small talk, including the results of our first podcast survey and even an email from a listener (guess who). Afterwards, we discuss Chapters 85 and 86 during our double manga recap, in which we recount a romantic tale of Shinpachi’s encounter with a lovely cat-eared girl on the train ride home. We also discuss Lessons 85 and 86 during our Life Lessons segment, followed by an Anime/Manga Comparison of Episodes 34 and 35 of the anime. Topics of discussion for this episode include the urban legend of the Densha Otoko (Train Man) of which this arc parodies, critique of both the humor what direction this story could or should have went in, and more of Josh and Colton’s terrible in-jokes.

Special thanks to all of our listeners and recurring contributors for making 4 years of this podcast possible! Only one more year until our 5th anniversary!!

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0:00:00 Introduction/Small talk
0:13:24 About Densha Otoko
0:19:49 Survey Results!!
0:40:27 Email from Lia!
0:49:16 Manga Recap: Ch 85
1:48:37 Manga Recap: Ch 86
2:58:01 Life Lessons 85 & 86
3:07:43 Anime/Manga Comparison Eps 34 & 35
3:21:01 The End


Show Notes

Buy Gintama Volume 10

Buy Gintama Volume 11

Or tell Viz Media how much you want it digitally

Watch Episodes 34 & 35 on Crunchyroll!

More info on Densha Otoko

Taki Talks Manga


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