Episode 53 – Baby Geniuses 3 (Infant Strife Pt 1)

6 Feb


After an unexpected hiatus, Life Lessons has returned to cover the entirety of the Infant Strife arc! On this episode in particular, Colton is joined by unofficial Gintama translator, Bomber D Rufi, as they cover the first half of the arc in chapters 77 & 78, in which Gin finds an unpleasant surprise on his front doorstep. After both manga recaps, we talk about both chapters titles during our Life Lessons segment, and thats about it for the episode. Stay tuned on Wednesday, February 15th for the second half of the arc with chapters 79 & 80!! Until then, enjoy!

Please take our Life Lessons podcast survey to help improve the show however possible, and look forward to hearing the results this April during our 4th anniversary!!

Download Here


0:00:00 Introduction
0:08:48 Manga Recap Ch 77
0:51:58 Manga Recap Ch 78
1:42:04 Life Lessons 77 & 78
1:49:12 The End


Show Notes

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