Josh Dunham’s Thoughts on Gintama (Eps 1-48)

23 May


On this special episode of Life Lessons, we focus our usual Gintama talk more towards the anime side of things, as Colton is joined by Doctor (SSAA Podcast and Just a Gintama Podcast) to discuss with Josh Dunham’s thoughts on the Gintama anime thus far. Josh is the host of the anime podcast Senpai Coast to Coast and the founder of the Wave Motion Cannon blog, and had started watching Gintama shortly after meeting and becoming friends with Colton. It has been a year since that faithful day, and now it is time for Colton and Doctor to sit down with Josh behind their microphones and see what Josh thinks of the series thus far. What are his most memorable episodes? How does he feel about the cast of characters? Does he like Gintama enough to continue with it and record about it again sometime? Well, you’ll just have to listen. Enjoy!


Josh has been a frequent contributor to the Life Lessons podcast, and if you would like to listen to some of his more detailed thoughts on certain portions of the series, please click here.



Show Notes

Watch all of Gintama on Crunchyroll (for free)!!

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Senpai Coast to Coast

Wave Motion Cannon

SSAA Podcast

Just a Gintama Podcast

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The Jump On Point


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