Episode 46 – Two More Years (Parts 1&2)

25 Apr


On this episode of Life Lessons, its our third anniversary, and King Recon comes on the show once again to help cover Chapter 66 of the manga, in which the Odd Jobs get a new neighbor. Afterwards, Colton talks about Lesson 66 in the Life Lessons segment, followed by an Anime/Manga Comparison segment of Episode 47 of the anime.

The episode features an interview with Niente de Nada, the occasional ghost contributor to the podcast that Colton and Josh Dunham have mentioned and praised a ton in the past! She is also a very active member of the Gintama fan community who is seemingly the most knowledgeable of the real Japanese history that makes up the foundation of Gintama. The interview also features a few stories about a few different historical figures in which a majority of the cast are based on, so don’t miss it! Special thanks to Nada especially for coming on the show (links to her stuff and things are located in the show notes below).

Download Part 1 Here

0:00:00 Introduction
0:13:21 Manga Recap: Ch 66
1:00:29 Life Lesson 66
1:07:53 Anime/Manga Comp: Ep 47
1:32:00 Interview with Nada
2:50:06 The End (For Now…)


In Part 2 of the episode, King Recon is still around to help Colton read the massive amount of emails, questions and comments that you, the listeners, have sent in for us to read on the podcast! It is quite literally our longest feedback segment ever recorded and released, including discussion of our favorite Gintama opening and ending themes, ideas on how to introduce new people to the series, and the multiple reasons why Gintama isn’t as popular overseas.

We want to thank everyone for all of the feedback they’ve sent into the show. It was a lot fun recording this and answering people’s emails.

Special thanks to everyone who has ever contributed or listened to the podcast over the past year, we couldn’t have done it without you! Enjoy!!

Download Part 2 Here

0:00:00 Introduction
0:05:18 Emails and Feedback
2:11:00 Spoilers Discussion for Ch 502 onwards
2:36:12 The End/Special Thanks


Show Notes

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