Episode 43 – Spanking the Meat (Umibou Arc Part 2)

8 Feb


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton and special guest Sid (LumRanmaYasha, Cartoon X) continue covering and discussing the Umibozu arc with a Manga Recap of Chapters 59-61. Followed by the Life Lessons segment and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment of Episode 41 and 42 of the anime. Topics of discussion include Umibozu’s gift of the gab, the return of Jii West Side himself, and the only movie to make Colton want to walk out of the theater. Stay tuned next week for Episode 44 of the podcast, the conclusion of Umibozu!


0:00:00 Introduction
0:10:18 Manga Recap: Chapter 59
0:40:57 Chapter 60
1:03:46 Chapter 61
1:26:13 Life Lessons 59-61
1:48:39 Anime/Manga Comparison Episodes 41 & 42
2:02:20 To Be Continued 


Show Notes

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