Episode 38 – My Kid Is Deader Than Your Mom

17 Aug



On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton is joined by Bookie, as well as Josh Dunham from Senpai Coast to Coast to help talk about some important Gintama related news. Afterwards, we cover Chapter 53 of the manga, in which Gin fights with a ninja over Shonen Jump. We also have a Life Lessons segment with a little bit of the religious background of Japan and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment covering the second half of Episode 37 of the anime. Topics of discussion for this episode include the difference between satire and gag, how many of the references a typical American audience would get, and how awesome Tomokazu Sugita is (if you didnt know already). Stay tuned over the next coming weeks for some announcements concerning a change or two for the podcast, but until then, enjoy!




0:00:00 Introduction/Discussion

0:28:03 Manga Recap: Ch 53

1:29:13 Life Lesson 53

1:42:51 Anime/Manga Comp: Episode 37(b)

2:03:23 The End

2:16:08 Matte Wait


Show Notes

Buy Gintama Volume 7 from Amazon

Or from Rightstuf

Or let Viz Media know on Twitter how much you want it digitally

Watch Episode 37 on Crunchyroll

Or own them on DVD via Gintama Collection 3 from Amazon

Or from Rightstuf

Gintama is on US TV!!

ShortsTV confirms air time and how many episodes they have

Hideaki Sorachi Tops Japanese Poll on Favorite Manga Artists

Josh’s article mentioned in the Life Lessons segment

Zoku by Kishidan

Katoken Samba (from Episode 2 of the anime)


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