Episode 36 – Osaka Style

30 Jun


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton and Jay sit down to cover Chapters 48 and 49 of the manga, in which one of Otae’s coworkers is having a hard time adjusting to the Odd Job’s hometown of Edo. After that, we have a Life Lessons segment about both rough pasts and preferences in toilets, followed by an Anime/Manga Comparison segment about Episode 36 of the anime. Topics of discussion for this episode include why Otae and Kagura are the best, Colton and Jay’s anxiety over washlets and other tiny details about the manga that no one else cares about. Look forward to the next episode as we cover the Memory Loss arc, our next three chapter story arc! Until then, enjoy the episode!!




0:00:00 Introduction

0:05:31 Manga Recap: Ch 48

0:36:14 Manga Recap: Ch 49

1:06:34 Life Lessons 48 & 49

1:16:38 Anime/Manga Comparison: Ep 36

1:25:49 The End


Show Notes

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Or Rightstuf

Or let Viz Media know on Twitter how much you want it digitally

Watch Episode 36 of the anime on Crunchyroll

Or own it on DVD via Collection 3 from Sentai Filmworks on Rightstuf

Japanese Fans Name Their Favorite Secretly Cruel, Haraguro Characters

Colton’s Findings: Exhibit A

Exhibit B 

Exhibit C


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