Episode 35 – Mr. The Edo

8 Jun


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton is joined by returning co-host, Jasmine, and special guest from the Senpai Coast to Coast blog and podcast, Josh Dunham. Colton talks to Josh about his thoughts on Gintama so far and also another poll which generates more discussion than most polls we’ve covered. Afterwards, we cover Chapter 47 of the manga, in which the Odd Jobs battle the worst monstrosities they have ever faced. Followed by an especially discussion heavy Life Lessons segment and an Anime/Manga Comparison of the second half of anime episode 29. Topics for this episode include the visual beauty of manga and comics, the pros and cons of both watching or avoiding the news, and whether Shinpachi is saying “hump” or “herpes”.

Special thanks goes to Josh for joining us! Be sure to check out both his blog and podcast at senpaicoasttocoast.wordpress.com!!




0:00:00 Introduction

0:26:03 Manga Recap: Chapter 47

1:24:44 Life Lesson 47

1:48:22 Anime/Manga Comp. Ep 29b

2:12:28 The End

2:19:19 Outtakes


Show Notes 

Buy Gintama Volume 6 from Amazon

Or from Rightstuf

Watch Episode 29 on Crunchyroll

Or own it on DVD from Amazon

Or from Rightstuf

Japanese Fans Name the Anime They’d Watch If They Had One Day Left to Live

Yoshiyuki Tomino!?

The scene Josh mentions in the Anime segment


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