Episode 33 – God Hates Kondo

11 May


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton and Jay sit down and talk about certain news pieces of interest as well as Chapter 45 of the manga. We also have a Life Lessons segment and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment on Episode 28 of the anime. Topics of discussion for this episode include Colton’s thoughts on the depiction of Kagura in a recent chapter of “Food Wars!“, how awesome Norio Wakamoto is, and just how much God hates Kondo.

This episode of the podcast was broadcast and recorded live on Youtube through Google Hangouts, which can be viewed over at youtube.com/gintamangacast. As such, this episode has been left mostly unedited in order to keep the integrity of the original stream (also, because I’m lazy). Enjoy!




0:00:00 Introduction/News

0:27:17 Manga Recap: Chapter 45

1:05:09 Life Lesson 45

1:14:09 Anime/Manga Comparison: Episode 28

1:40:32 The End

1:52:14 Bullsh*t


Show Notes

Buy Gintama Volume 6 on Amazon

Or tell Viz Media you want to read it digitally on vizmanga.com

Watch Episode 28 on Crunchyroll

Or own it on DVD

Hit Hijikata in the crotch

Anime Voice Actor Popularity Ranking of 2015

Anime Voice Actress Popularity Ranking of 2015

Kagura as drawn by Shun Saeki, artist of “Food Wars” (NSFW)

Article from the Unofficial One Piece Podcast for context (Also NSFW)


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