Special – Episode Hijikata: The Hijikata Special

27 Apr


On this special episode of Life Lessons, Colton finally has another character special in store as he and Jay sit down and talk about their favorite demon vice-chief of the Shinsengumi. They talk about everything they possibly can about Hijikata, such as his character design, his voice actor, what kind of person he is, his relationships with other characters, his life before he joined the Shinsengumi. Everything.

Other topics of discussion this episode include how much of an influence mayonnaise has had on Jay’s life, what other characters the podcast cover and just how much Colton cries at even the mention of Mitsuba. Enjoy!


WARNING: For those who follow the manga along with the podcast, we start talking about material that hasn’t been covered yet around 49 minutes in, so tons of SPOILERS are abound!

Show Notes


Hijikata’s Cooking Lesson

Hijikata Directing Traffic

Shinsengumi actors reading their lines live


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