Our 2nd Anniversary is Coming Up and We Want Your Feedback!

9 Mar


The next episode of the podcast is coming soon, but until then, Colton rambles on about the podcast and begs for emails and feedback for 10 minutes. Greatest. Episode. Ever.



What we will be covering:

Manga Chapters 42-44

Anime Episode 27

The Chapter Titles and how you think they relate to the chapter: “Grab Your Dreams with Your Fists”, “All Men Are Romantics”, “Some Things You Can’t Cut with a Sword”

ANYTHING related to Gintama (SPOILERS ARE OKAY!)

ANYTHING related to our Podcast

Send Doctor and Foxy from Just a Gintama Podcast and the SSAA Podcast a question or two while you’re at it!

Where you can leave us feedback:

Gintama Subreddit

Life Lessons tumblr



Email us at gintalifelessons@gmail.com

Any and all feedback will be accepted until March 31st! Again, March 31st!!

Until then, thanks in advanced!


One Response to “Our 2nd Anniversary is Coming Up and We Want Your Feedback!”

  1. Jd Banks March 10, 2015 at 1:26 am #

    Do you think all men are romantics and women just don’t know? Please answer using anime/manga/gaming references. 😉

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