Episode 31 – I Don’t Care, I’m a Bear

9 Mar


On this episode of Life Lessons, its Jon’s last episode of the podcast, as him and Colton cover Chapter 41 of the manga. In which a guy hunts a bear, while the Odd Jobs hunt for mushrooms. Followed by a Life Lessons segment talking about mushrooms and Doraemon, and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment on Episode 73 of the anime. Topics of discussion include how much emotion and impact Sorachi packs in a single stand-alone story, how much the anime really expands on the manga, and how funny movies are ruined by the unfunny people that watch them. We wish Jon all the best of luck while in the Navy and thank him in advance for his services, and enjoy the episode! And remember to leave us all the feedback you can for our next episode before March 31st!



Show Notes:

Buy Gintama Vol 6 and the rest of the manga on Amazon

Or tell Viz Media you want it available on vizmanga.com

Watch Episode 73 and the rest of the series on Crunchyroll

Follow aritzen on Twitter

Follow Jon on Twitter

Listen to Jon’s music on Band Camp

New Gintama anime to premiere on April 8th

Top 10 Anime/Manga Characters to Get/Give Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Japanese Fans Pick Most Disconcerting Character and Voice Actor Matches


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