Episode 28 – Friends Forever

26 Jan


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton is once again joined by his friends and co-hosts, Jon and Jay, and hijinks ensue, as the trio covers Chapters 36 and 37 of the manga. In which Shinpachi meets an old friend and faces a formidable(?) biker gang known as the Bulldogs! Afterwards, we have a Life Lessons segment covering both chapter titles and an Anime/Manga Comparison segment covering Episode 26 of the anime. We even have some listener feedback before the show ends. Topics discussed in this episode include, Gintama characters that should have their own show, how awesome Shinpachi finally gets to be, and just to what extend Takachin’s life became so “sh*tty”. Enjoy the episode, and we’ll see you next time for Episode 29!



0:00:00 Introduction

0:15:15 Manga Recap: Chapter 36

0:47:50 Manga Recap: Chapter 37

1:18:23 Life Lessons: Lessons 36 and 37

1:26:50 Anime/Manga Comparison: Episode 26

1:37:45 Emails/Feedback

1:50:23 The End

1:56:54 Outtakes and Other Stupid Stuff


Show Notes

Buy Gintama Volume 5 and the rest of the manga on Amazon

Or tell Viz Media you want it available on vizmanga.com

Watch Episode 26 and the rest of the series on Crunchyroll

Or own it on DVD from Amazon

Or from Rightstuf

Fill out aritzen’s 2015 Gintama Census

And follow her on Twitter

Gintama on the front cover of Shonen Jump!

Japanese Fans Name the Support Characters Who Deserve Their Own Anime Series


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