Episode 26 – Not So Samurai

9 Dec


On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton and Jon cover chapters 33 and 34 of the manga, in which more hijinks between the Odd Jobs and Shinsengumi ensue, but this time, with ghosts! Then we have a Life Lessons segment, followed by an Anime/Manga Comparison segment covering Episode 20 of the anime and an email before the show ends. Topics of discussion include Gin and Hijikata as characters, how horrible Mama is, and why Episode 20 may just be the best episode of the anime.



0:00:00 Introduction
0:05:37 Manga Recap: Chapter 33
0:31:36 Manga Recap: Chapter 34
0:56:01 Life Lessons 33 and 34
1:02:43 Anime/Manga Comparison: Episode 20
1:15:28 Emails
1:25:58 Outro

Be sure to grab some egg nog and cookies and tune in for our Life Lessons Holiday Special on Monday, December 22nd! As Colton, Jay and Jon sit down to engage in festive activities that have nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever!

Show Notes

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Watch Episode 20 and the rest of the series on Crunchyroll

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