Special – What Now? Life After Gintama (Madaocon Panel)

24 Oct


For every anime fan who finds a series they become a fan of, its understandable that they would go through some sort of withdrawal afterwards, but when you finish something as great as Gintama, life just isn’t the same anymore. Join Colton and his podcast crew, as they talk about their recommendations for shows that will make you laugh, cry and feel (almost) the same way you felt during your very first time experiencing Gintama.

This recording was apart of a larger fan event held recently called Madaocon. A virtual Gintama fan convention held online on Livestream, hosted by Doctor and DameDrFoxyBrown from the SSAA Podcast and Just a Gintama Podcast. If you’re bummed about missing out on such an extraordinary project, do not fear, you can still catch the event archived on Madaocon.com!

We here at Life Lessons would like to thank Doctor and Foxy for giving us the opportunity to be apart of such a great event! And hopefully we can do it again next year! And as for our listeners, enjoy listening to the three of us act as silly as usual while talking about less Gintama than usual as well.



Show Notes

Go watch Madaocon!

Listen to the SSAA Podcast

Listen to Just a Gintama Podcast

Watch SKET Dance on Crunchyroll

Watch Daily Lives of High School Boys on Hulu

Or own it on Blu-ray

Watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on Crunchyroll


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