Episode 11 – Everything The Light Touches, Is My Country

22 Jan


On our first episode of 2014, we go over the first story arc of the manga, the Harusame Arc! We start off with three manga recaps (Chapters 12 through 14), then we talk about all three chapter titles during our Life Lessons segment, followed by our Anime/Manga Comparison segment on Episode 13 of the anime and then we round off. Our longest episode this time around includes more discussion about why we love the women of Gintama, what might have happened during the Amanto War and the possibilities involving just how much Gintoki might have or have not changed after the battles he fought. This is a long one, so enjoy!!



Show Notes

Gintama Volume 2 is available for purchase on Amazon

UPDATE: Viz Media has confirmed that Gintama Volume 3 will reprinted and soon be available again

Tell Viz Media you want to read Gintama digitally on vizmanga.com

Watch Episode 13 on Crunchyroll

Import Gintama The Movie: The Final Chapter – Be Forever Odd Jobs on DVD or on Blu Ray


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