Episode 10 – Lucky and Samantha

20 Dec


We’re finally back after almost 3 whole months! And just in time (kinda sorta) to celebrate Gintama’s 10th anniversary! How? By doing a Manga Recap of Chapter 11! A whole number more than ten! After that, we have a short Life Lessons segment talking about food….and the chapter title I guess? Then we have our Anime/Manga Comparison talking about Episode 11 of the anime and then we wrap up! I promise we’re not this excited on the actual episode!!!! Lastly, stay tuned near the end of January (or February) as we cover the Harusame Arc, our first manga arc! Will it be in parts? Will it be a whole episode? Hell if we know, just listen to this beaut while you wait! Enjoy!




Buy Gintama Volume 2 from Amazon

Or tell Viz Media you want to read it digitally 

Watch Episode 11 on Crunchyroll

NARM Video


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